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Sun, May 6, 2018 5:25 PM

Lightroom CC: Switching to grid view changes scroll position.

In Lightroom CC, when switching from Edit view to Grid view, the Grid view will frequently scroll to some other location for no apparent reason. I have to scroll back to where the photo is to see it in Grid view. This is especially frustrating because I like to switch back and forth to see the smaller version of the photo while I'm editing.

It looks like it has to do with the Edit pane disappearing; when first switching, it renders a set of photos with the current photo visible, but then the Edit pane slides away at which point my current photo gets scrolled up. The Grid view photos should be rendered with the assumption that the Edit pane will be gone instead of rendering with the pane, disappearing the pane, and rendering a second time to fill the space left by the pane. In fact, this seems to be a problem with other views, too. I now notice that when switching from Grid view to Edit view, it first renders the photo with no pane, the Edit pane slides in, and then the photo renders again in the smaller space after the pane appears. The photo area should only ever render once when switching views! It's very jarring to see constant re-rendering when switching views.


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