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Wed, Dec 20, 2017 5:06 PM

Not a problem

Lightroom CC: Spinning blue circle ongoing problem

I have the same problem, a spinning blue circle. I tried all the fixes on the forum to no avail. I have had two screen sharing sessions with Adobe help team both just dithered about the screen without offering any solutions. One said leave it for a couple of hours and if it still occurs get back to us (I'd already told him it had been going on a week so what's another two hours going to do!) the second one said she would have to consult with other help experts and get back to me. Hey ho I got an email saying case closed! Meanwhile Lightroom CC is useless to me, Adobe are happy to take my subscription every month but seem unable to help, so actually I'm paying for something that doesn't work!


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3 years ago

Hi Malcolm,

I'm sorry you're having so much difficulty with Lightroom CC.

I found your post on the Adobe forums and read about your issues. At the risk of suggesting yet another thing you may have tried, I'm wondering it the steps outlined in this post might help:

Let me know if that works and we can take it from there.