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Sat, May 26, 2018 3:32 PM

Under consideration


Lightroom CC: Sorting photos in albums

I will suggest one of the following options when creating albums in Lightroom CC from collections in Lightroom Classic:

1) The initial sort order of photos in an album corresponds to the sort order in the collection.
2) I can set a default initial sort order in Lightroom CC for new created albums.

 Backgroun for this.

I have used Lightroom Classic CC for several years, and the system is installed on my laptop Wndows computer. After launching Lightroom CC, I try to use this system for presenting photos on other devices. Currently on my own Windows laptop, on my wife's Windows laptop, on my wife's taplet and my own and my wife's mobile phones. The last 3 are based on an Android system.

1) I take a series of photos at if dinner party. 1) Guests arrive, 2) Eat dinner, 3) Coffee after dinner, 4) Drinks and dance.
2) I process photos and arrange them in a Collection. The photos is ordered in the Collection by file name or creation data,
3) I see photos in the Collection in chronological order corresponding to the phases of the party.
4) I sync the Collection with the 5 devices in which I have installed Lightroom CC.
5) On the Windows laptops I see the photos in correct order. On the Android taplet and the 2 Android mobile phones I see the photos in reverse order starting with 4) Drinks and dance and then 3) Coffee after dinner etc.
6) I have to change order manually on the last 3 devices. I or my wife on hers devices must do this every time I create a new album.

It is difficult to understand that it is necessary. It's hard to explain this to my wife.


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