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Mon, Jan 15, 2018 10:05 PM


Lightroom CC: Shared albums functionalities

The ability to share albums is a great feature that helps me communicate with my customers, models and actors.

It makes rendering small images and uploading them to some service for selection obsolete, which is awesome.


BUT: With one or two checkboxes in the right-click-menu on the album the function could be dramatically improved!


I'd like to se a checkbox for enabling non-registered users to "heart" or comment the pictures. Most models do have an Adobe account but I don't think any customer has. So this would make clicking info and writing down the file-numbers obsolete and I could have the "hearted" images higlighted directly in LR to edit them.


The second thing, which is maybe not as useful as the first but still could improve workflow in some cases a lot: Another checkbox on the album which enables the person with the link to download the originals. This is helpful when collaborating with another photographer/editor or even just a graphic designer who needs the original image to do their own edits specific to designing a logo or a flyer.


I would love to see this implemented and answered. :)


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