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Wed, Dec 13, 2017 12:52 AM


Lightroom CC: Search should support filenames with underscores

I've imported over 200,000 photos that have keywords in the file names. Depending on the software used to export the pictures from the camera, these files may have names with words separated with dashes or underscores.  The search in Lighroom CC, however, only respects filenames with dashes in them. It is useless for searching file names that have words separated by underscores.

For example, if I have two files, one named "john_fishing_0251.jpg" and "mary-dancing-0136.jpg", a search using the terms "john" or "fishing" doesn't return a result whereas if I search for "mary" or "dancing" I do get results. Only if I give the full name of the file "john_fishing_0251" do I actually get a result. That's next to useless.


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3 years ago

Hi !  i have the same problem , i have lot of keeword in the filename . I hope i it can be possible to search soon .



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2 years ago

Hi Robert 

Can you try the same search in the latest build and confirm if it works for you now?

Ankur Murarka