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Sat, Sep 1, 2018 10:49 AM

Lightroom CC: Scroll speed on iMac Pro incredible slow

On my 10 Core iMac Pro with Vega64 and 64 GB RAM the scroll speed of latest Lightroom CC in the library is so ridiculously slow that it just can't be true.
Disable or enable hardware acceleration doesn't change anything.
It's literally unusable like this and I only got 400 images in my library.
When flicking the scroll area of my mouse it takes 1-2 seconds until it moves.
Anyone else experiencing this? How can this be true?


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2 y ago

Also better here! I had done the trick of disabling opening it in high resolution mode which was working pretty well, but with the latest update I turned on high resolution mode again and tried, and things are pretty good. I wouldn't say it's lightning fast and the most responsive scrolling I've ever experienced (I have around 14,000 photos), but it's gone from being almost unusable to being perfectly usable. 

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6 m ago

On a MacBook Pro 16" it is still choppy. Seems like low quality software.