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Wed, Jan 23, 2019 3:39 AM

Lightroom CC: Reports the wrong amount of free space (macOS)

I'm finally migrating from Lightroom Classic to Lighroom CC on my Mac (latest app version, latest macOS version) and Lightroom thinks I only have 25GB of free space - my Mac indicates that I have 180GB free, which does include 130GB of "purgeable" space. So either Lightroom cannot communicate to macOS that it should allow the use of purgeable space, or Lightroom is not properly reading how much free space I have. Others have posted this issue, but that was almost a year ago and nothing has been done. (In a separate issue, my Mac doesn't seem to be purging purgeable space. I deleted nearly 80GB of non-cloud documents, and the free space didn't increase - just the purgeable space!)


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