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Tue, Jun 11, 2019 7:48 AM

Lightroom CC: Profile inconsistencies with presets

I am using Lightroom CC on desktop, iPad and iPhone. I have presets that make use of the Adobe Standard profile for the cameras. Yesterday I noticed that if I apply the preset on desktop, the Adobe Standard profile is properly loaded. If I apply the same preset on iPad och iPhone, the profile isn't applied. It's not entierly clear what profile IS applied, it shows different labels depending on camera and photo - sometimes it's just another profile that belongs to a specific preset, sometimes it comes up as "Matrix", and other times it just stays at whatever it was before I applied the preset. After it has synced to the cloud, Lightroom CC for desktop shows it as "Embedded" in some cases.

This essentially makes it useless, I can't make it apply the preset properly. And I can't apply the Adobe Standard profile manually either because it isn't available in the list. This happens to both my Leica M9 (quite old camera), my Ricoh GR and my Ricoh GR III. My understanding is that the apps should include the same profiles as the desktop does.

I have also tried to delete any profiles that I have imported myself, in an attempt to "clean up all the crap" and see if it works better, but of course that isn't possible either. For some reason I can't delete some of the profiles THAT I IMPORTED MYSELF.

I would greatly appreciate if someone would be able to tell me if this is by design, a bug or just plain stupidity. I am so tired of the feature disparity between the platforms, on a service that is "a new experience" and has tutorials and crap, but can't even sync the fundamentals between the platforms or even properly apply settings across several images and so on - still.


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