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Wed, May 2, 2018 12:23 PM

Under consideration


Lightroom CC: Please implement standard Apple Sharing (eg so all apps can access the photos)

The standard sharing in Mac OS provides a means to connect with other compatible programs. Can you ( Adobe ) please use this for LR CC so I can more easily export/integrate with other apps. Currently, you can only export to disk or Facebook. Why this limitation?


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2 years ago

Thanks for the request Michael. I am changing this from a question to an idea (feature request).  IF you like this idea, hit the [Me Too] button at the top right. 

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2 years ago


I really miss the SmugMug plugin I used in Classic. I would love being able to more easily export images from CC into online tools like that. Actually, SmugMug is really the only one I need, personally. It's not a horrible process now, it just seems extraneous compared to what I did before. And when I update images, I can't just re-publish the modified ones like I could in Classic.