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Sun, Aug 19, 2018 3:04 PM


Lightroom CC: Please allow users to change sort order of photos when iOS library photo picker is invoked

I would love to see the Lightroom iOS apps add the ability to change the sort order of photos when the iOS library photo picker comes up. (I can change the sort order of the Creative Cloud photo library, but not the iOS library, when invoked.) All my life I’ve learned to read from top left to bottom right (reinforced by years of using iPhoto and Apple Photos), and why Adobe would “move the cheese” and “reinvent the wheel” on this basic feature is beyond me. It adds cognitive load for a user to have to learn the reverse of what is expected, and makes Lightroom Mobile unusable to me.




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3 y ago

Hi Trace, could you please just clarify what you mean by "the iOS library photo picker" and the "Creative Cloud photo library" so we're all on the same page?

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3 y ago

The same ordering would make sense in the main LR library as well, to be honest. I know you can sort them this way, but after launching the app again you see your oldest photo first, and have to scroll to the very end. 

The same goes for Apple TV app.