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Fri, Nov 30, 2018 1:27 PM


Lightroom CC: Please add a Photo Explorer module

If there is one thing I'd focus on Lightroom CC is to add a Photo Explorer module much as it is now with Apple Photos. The speed and ease to get to almost any photo, by looking into a map, by searching, navigating across folders. Even the concept of viewing all the photos in a folder, with makes perfect sense for viewing a whole trip in perspective, or a whole year, or a whole setting (a root folder for "Family shots") is awesome. Plus the automatic albums like Selfies, Panoramic, etc. 

So... I like the photo management of Lightroom mobile, so much easy to manage images. I love how you could create albums to share with the ease of a link and the beauty of a whole web ready presentation layer on top of you whole photo catalog. But... I miss the beauty and easiness of Apple Photos on an iPad, mostly for presentation, but also for editing, "fewer and better" is the motto, and I like it. 

I think a feature like this will viralize Lightroom mobile so much more and adding more and more editing icons which puts it at the risk of turning it into what now Classic has become. I'd rather leave that to Photoshop mobile, and have both work at sync flawlessly. Put red eye, frame, light management, and filters on LRCC and leave the rest to Photoshop for mobile. And focus heavily on LRCC as the best photo viewing and management UX.


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