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Tue, Jan 23, 2018 7:04 AM

Lightroom CC: Photos seem to exist but albums say they're empty

I'm using LrCC and there seems to be a problem with my files. It worked fine for a few months but now when I open Lightroom it either 1) won't load anything and just shows the loading wheel, or 2) show my albums with the correct number of photos beside each, but when I click on them they say that they are empty. I also tried looking at my photos online (on the cloud) but even though it says I've used 20% of my storage it seems my cloud storage is empty. Any ideas?


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3 years ago

As a first step Harry have you tried quitting LrCC, signing out of your Creative Cloud account, and then back in again?



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3 years ago

How are you getting on with this Harry? Are you sorted now?

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