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Tue, Feb 13, 2018 4:26 AM

Lightroom CC: Navigate into stacks

Might just be me, i'm realizing some of my images shall be sorted as stacks instead of full albums, so I don't clutter the album's list view (which I'll sort into folders someday...).

But. When I'm navigating in detail view, right and left arrow allow me to go from one image to the other.

As a grid view, or strip view, I know I have stacked images, there's a badge for that, but for detailed view, i'm only seing the stack cover, no clue there's something underneath, no badge, and no keyboard shortcut to go inside the stack.


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3 years ago

Is the filmstrip showing at the bottom of your detail view? You should see a badge with the number of photos inside the stack. If you double-click that badge it takes you inside the stack. I can see how that is kind of subtle, now that you mention it.

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2 years ago

Yeah, you have to click or double click on the little icon on the stack. Confusing at first and kind of clunky I know...

I mis-read your post initially; I see what you are saying.

You have to turn on the film strip when in detail mode. 

The keyboard shortcut for that is: /