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Mon, Mar 4, 2019 7:18 AM

Lightroom CC: More cloud storage options

It would be great to be able to use my Google Drive cloud in Lr.I have more photographs than adobe Cloud can store

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Lightroom: Support third party cloud storage


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2 y ago

Highly unlikely as this would undermine the Adobe's core business...



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2 y ago

You can get up to 10 TB Adobe Cloud. The problem is that Adobe Cloud is not only how you pay for Lightroom, but also that it isn't just storage. Adobe Sensei runs in the cloud, for example.

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2 y ago

I would rather see more tiers, to be honest.. 
1TB is overkill for amateurs, Storage could start with 200GB, then 500GB etc.. 

It could cost a few dolars less, lowering the price from sa 12USD to 7 USD, and I understand that these are not fortunes we talk about, but psychologically it would be much easier for Adobe to bring more people into the ecosystem, to get them hoocked. They will either way accumulate more and more photos overtime (or switch from JPG to RAW) and will be forced to upgrade into higher tiers. 

Win Win for both Adobe and consumers..

That 12/month subscription fee, might not in reality be alot of money, there are a hell of alot of people who would be willing to pay 5-7/month and getting the LR CC ecosystem.

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2 y ago

Or to add a different storage location. Example a nas system. I may use this app more. Even if there was just simple way to transfer the photos. To another location.