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Wed, Dec 12, 2018 8:49 AM


Lightroom CC / Mobile: Option to sync only the Catalog for slow internet connections

Atfirst, i did not like the  new subscription Model, Adobe launched. But asi tested LR CC on my tablet, i must admit, that i like ithe software and i amwilling to pay for that.

But i live in a village with a (very) slow internet conection. So it symplydoes not work to sync all my raw-files via the cloud. It is ridiculous to forceevery customer to use the cloud-service, regardless which type ofinternet-connection he uses.

So why not implement an option, to sync only the catalog via the cloud? If thiswas implemented, i would upgrade from the LR Mobile to the LR CC plan.

Without this, i would be forced to keep LR 6.14 on my Desktop and use LR Mobileas a separate Software on my Mobile Device. Maybe i'd decide to even downgradeto the free version of LR Mobile or Snapseed, because the current policy ofadobe seems like a bad joke to me.

Please, Adobe, do something for the customers with slow internet connections!


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