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Tue, Nov 28, 2017 8:16 PM

Lightroom CC Memory problem/ leak

Operating System: WIn 10 Pro
Exact Lightroom Version : LR CC 1.0.1

I have discovered if I open LR CC and nothing else - and do nothing more than monitor the pc with the resource monitor, strange things happen. After a period of time, a couple of hours, the CPU usage grows to about 25- 35%, and memory usage of LR CC grows to over 8G (out of 12); disk usage (ssd) and network usage is very high.
Again - I have not clicked on a photo or anything since opening the program.
There is a resource called lightroomcchelper.exe that appears to be the main user.
It backs off a bit on cpu use as I run my browser and type this, but when I pause, it picks up again.
When I close LR CC, this LR helper continues to run and devour resources.
Task Manager shows this as Adobe Lightroom CC Sync Utility.
I need to kill this via the task manager.

I have reproduced this 4 times.


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