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Fri, Jan 11, 2019 5:50 PM


Lightroom CC: Make it possible to manually add a face when face detection doesn't identify it.

I am on Lightroom CC 2.1.1
adding a face manually is still impossible
please make it quickly as Lightroom classic
you can see on the screenshot that only one face is recognized
1 need 3

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2 years ago

+1 for this feature. Currently only work around is to add names as a Keywork, and search on that

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a year ago

This feature exists in Lightroom Classic. It is sorely missing from Lightroom CC. Lightroom CC also needs a feature to mark a detected face as not a face - it often detects random pixels as a face, and constantly re-detects it.

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a year ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add People to Photos.

I'm new to Lr CC so maybe I'm missing this feature that I thought was in Lr Classic. Is there a way to identify a person in the photo when the facial recognition did not recognize additional faces (add people in the photo)?

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Hi Steve,

Unfortunately it's not possible in Lightroom CC at this stage. It was (is) possible in Lightroom Classic.

Add your vote to this feature so hopefully Adobe add it into Lightroom CC at some point!



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a year ago

This is frustrating not to have this feature.  I have many photos similar to the posted photo where Lightroom cc only detects one of several people in a photo.  We need to be able to add undetected people.  As good as algorithms can be, we need a way to correct when they don't work right.  Thanks

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a year ago

It's crazy that Lightroom CC doesn't have a way to add people manually - and allow you to identify them.  I have two people in my family with similar features - and there's no way to split them.   Please add this feature that Apple Photo had years ago.