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Wed, Oct 24, 2018 12:45 AM

Lightroom CC: Lost all my presets after updating

greetings everyone, 

so i just did the update, lost all my photos (to the cloud) along with allllllllll my presets.  so i now have my presets in computer language i.e. 

Ali b/w is now  "nfkadjfiejafkso3rearea433" 

my raw's are gone it just uploaded already edited photos and no other.  please help 



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2 years ago

It is hard to troubleshoot if you don't provide all the steps that you performed before migrating.

E.g. also describe your old situation/setup (starting point when everything was OK), all actions/commands you executed etc.   

If you upload, nothing is deleted locally unless you manually did so. Always keep backups!

Regarding the presets, I also had a bunch of presets show up with names like that the other day... I just deleted them since I have all my presets in a folder so I can easily re-upload. 

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2 years ago

Greetings Ali,

Is there any chance that, post update, you signed in with a different Adobe ID than you'd been using before? That is normally the case when all the images and presets mysteriously disappear. 

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