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Sat, Mar 23, 2019 6:10 AM


Lightroom CC: Keyboard navigation inside People view

It doesn't seem to be possible to navigate the People view in Lightroom CC with the keyboard in any way. I've tried arrow keys, the nerdy j/k keys, nothing.

I have a loooot of people to review, merge, add names to, it would be incredibly time efficient to not have to manually click or right click their faces to add names to them, merge them with existing people or hide them.

Additionally, it's not possible to select multiple face groups and hide them or add/create a new person for them. I know that's an action that is most easily accomplished with the mouse but that's nothing holding control and/or shift can't do either.

This would make CC far more accessible to people who can only navigate via a keyboard and benefit the rest of us. Please consider it.


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