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Tue, Oct 24, 2017 12:22 PM

Lightroom CC is a Desaster

So I did update all my Adobe products to their latest version. When I got Lightroom CC installed and discovered that I lost my old catalog, a migration of the catalog requires additional 15TB of free HD space.

Due to the heavy UI changes Lightroom CC has become a tool for me that I remove from my daily work. Given that in the old Lightroom I did store over half a million photos and all that database is lost to me now I will never use an Adobe Product again to manage any part of my professional life.


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4 y ago

Can you not carry on using Lightroom Classic? Seems like it would be more appropriate for your needs.



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4 y ago

Your catalog will still be there. Just install Lightroom Classic. The new cloud native app isn't the right tool for you, at least for some years to come.