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Sun, Nov 12, 2017 8:34 AM


Lightroom CC - Initial thoughts & requests

In general I like that Adobe is trying to modernise and rebuild Lightroom from the ground up. I imagine there's a lot of baggage with 10+ years of development. However, as they've admitted, CC is pretty much just out of Beta and is missing a lot of things. Here's the things I've missed when trying it out. Unfortunately I'll be going back to Classic, as I don't want the headache from the teething pains. Looking forward to seeing how it takes shape in the next little while..

Importing of duplicates - smarter detection and ability to ignore suggestions.

Ability to generate Smart Previews or 1:1 Previews for quickly flicking through library. Flicking through CC seems slower. For me, CC usually displays a quite blocky & low-resolution preview for a few moments before loading the full image. 


Sharing to other social media outlets - Google Photos, Instagram, Flickr, 500px etc.

Right click on a photo and 'Show in Finder' (mac) to find the original photo (if stored locally is checked in prefs)

A counter for how many photos are selected - very handy. This could be displayed in the info panel when hitting 'i'. It currently just says 'multiple'.

When importing to an album, the ability to sort the list would be nice. Most often, I'd like it in reverse chronological order.

Facial detection and tagging - perfect task for Sensei 

Smart geo tagging like Google Photos - somehow works out where photos were taken based on landmarks.

Both CC and Classic need the ability to search for and help clean up duplicates in your library.


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3 years ago

There is some good stuff in this list. Thanks for that!

A lot of it is already in consideration for upcoming releases. We can't track stuff when it's in big lists like this but if you do a quick search of the forum for each topic you can put your vote in for it.

If you don't find what your looking for then post that suggestion as an Idea in a separate post so everyone can vote for it.

Thanks again for the great feedback!