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Fri, Nov 10, 2017 2:12 PM

Lightroom CC: How to search photos by file name

In the other older version of Lightroom, I can type the filename in the search box and I can find the wanted photos. In Lightroom CC 2018, it doesn't work. I have to search by cameras/locations or whatever but not the exact file name.

Do you have any ideas? Please help me! Thank you a lot!


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3 years ago

The search function work only if what you search is in the folder your looking at. 
For instance:
- The image AAAA stays in the folder  2008
- You are in a folder A that is containing the folder 2008 AAAA, the search will find the image AAAA.
- You are in the folder C that is NOT containing the folder 2008, the search won't find the image AAAA

Consequently,  in view to find at any search action any image, you have to set your cursor at the main Folder.

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3 years ago

If you select "All Photos" before you search and use the entire filename it will find your image.

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3 years ago

It is important to realize that Lightroom CC is NOT the new version of Lightroom. It is best described as a port of the mobile version of Lightroom to the Desktop that offers a cloud based workflow but misses 90% of the features that we associate with Lightroom. The actual new version of Lightroom is called Lightroom Classic and it still can easily search by filename or any of the other metadata that Lightroom CC cannot (yet) search.