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Thu, Feb 28, 2019 11:36 PM

Lightroom CC HDR Merge Doesn't Work

Lightroom CC doesn't allow my photos to merge. I posted this already in another forum, but was advised to post it here and that Adobe employees review this.

Camera: GoPro Hero5 Black

Every time I try to merge three bracketed photos, I get a message saying they can't merge. I've only been able to get one set of photos to merge using Medium FOV on the GoPro.  It allowed me to get a preview, but then wouldn't allow the final merge to take place. All other GoPro FOV won't even allow me to get a preview.

I've also tried using another software and it merges all the photos just fine, but it put an ugly watermark on the image since I don't pay for it.

I do pay for LR so I'm hoping I can get this resolved pretty quickly before I travel next week.

Update: I followed the instructions from this thread:

The new Config.lua flags: Features.disableGlobalTaskManager = true show up as the said it would.  Restarted my computer and it actually allowed me to merge two photos.  I tried 3 bracketed photos and it says it can't provide a preview.  I've tried other bracketed photos, but it seems to allow some groups of two, but not others.


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