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Tue, Apr 17, 2018 8:57 PM

Lightroom CC for mobile: Ability to choose what to sync to the cloud or not

they should let you choose what you want to synchronize from your phone to your adobe cloud so that you don't have to delete everything every time



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2 years ago

Hi Bart,

Can you further explain what you mean? Perhaps listing the steps you are taking will help us understand. Also, it would be helpful to know what device or operating system you are using and which version of Lightroom.


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2 years ago

Let me help. Ingesting photos from a camera or card into an iPad PRO in a remote area with poor internet (I recently went through this in the Falkland Islands - see my website).

After ingesting a set of photos (raws) into the Photos app and then into LRCC Mobile and then deleting the images in Photos (grumble: direct import to LRCC is a necessity if mobile field use is to be taken seriously), I was able to use LR to make preliminary white balance corrections, etc., and down select a few good ones. I wanted to put those in an album and sync just that album to the cloud (for safe keeping) without synching everything which the bandwidth would not tolerate. 

There is such an opportunity here for LRCC mobile and iPad Pros to be the go to choice for pros in the field, and just 2 fixes would make this happen: direct import to LRCC and selective synching to the cloud.