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Tue, Feb 27, 2018 4:48 AM


Lightroom CC: Exclude images from sync from mobile device.

Is there a way to prevent an album from being included when LR CC syncs with cloud storage from a mobile device.
For example, if I am travelling or working remote and want to perform some preliminary ‘quick’ edits on an iPad while away, but I do not want these images to be sync’d to cloud storage or downloaded and available to LR Classic until I deliberately import them through the Classic application. I realise I can turn sync off on the iPad, but I believe ‘all’ images will be sync’d to cloud storage (and then downloaded to Classic) when this is turned back on. I was hoping to be able to exclude an album from the sync, but cannot see that this can be done. Any advice appreciated. Tks.

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3 years ago

No, selective sync isn't available at this time, but I'll merge your post with the existing request