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Mon, Jan 14, 2019 4:01 AM

Lightroom CC: ETA for custom order, synced across desktop and iOS?

What information could we provide to justify prioritizing a minimally viable/love-able version of synchronized and stable ordering to the pictures of an album?

I'm looking to migrate old flickr albums off of flickr. I'd spent a long time ordering the pictures in the albums before sharing the albums to friends and family. I'm keen to keep the order of pictures.

I see that I can order pictures in the mobile Lightroom CC app but the order doesn't appear to sync to the desktop version. I also can't order in the desktop version which is going to be a pain as some of the albums have hundreds of ordered pictures.

I've enjoyed the continuous improvements to the Lightroom CC apps. Still, it's frustrating to see ordering absent. I'm sure the team has a lot of work to do. Help us help you by telling us what you need to justify getting this done.





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2 years ago

Once you have set a custom order in the mobile or web apps (or LR Classic if synced), you should be able to display the album in that custom order in the LRCC desktop app. In either of the Grid views click on the sort options icon on the Toolbar and select "Custom Order" (note that the Custom Order option will only appear if a custom order has been set in one of the other apps).