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Mon, Sep 24, 2018 2:54 AM

Not a problem

Lightroom CC: Edits in Photoshop CC are re-imported as a new photo

The photos edited in Photoshop are re-imported into Lightroom as a different photo.
A new TIFF photo with the edits appears in the library, instead of the original JPEG photo being modified.
The new photo is not even part of the same album that contains the original photo.

1) open a photo in Detail view in Lightroom CC
2) select "Edit in Photoshop"
3) edit the photo and save in Photoshop CC
4) wait until the changes are re-imported in Lightroom CC


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2 years ago

This is correct behavior. Any photo sent from Lightroom CC to Photoshop will be rendered as a Tiff before sending to Photoshop. Regardless of the original file's format a copy will be made. There is one exception. If you send a file to Photoshop and it comes back to Lightroom CC and you send it back to Photoshop a second time WITHOUT making any additional Lightroom CC edits, it will edit the original. 

As far as the Same Album question. Were you in the album or All Photos when you sent the file to Photoshop?

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Thank you for your fast reply Rikk.

Thanks for clarifying the behaviour about the file format.

I was indeed in “All photos” when I sent the file to Photoshop... I assumed it would not make a difference where you pick the photo since it is “tagged” to an album and I thought LRCC would detect that and send it back to the that album.
I tried again by sending the photo from the album and it came back stacked in the same album.

The current behaviour is actually more powerful now that I think about it...

As a test, I put a new photo in 2 different albums, and sent it to photoshop from the 1st album.
The edit came back stacked in the 1st album and not in the second (which makes sense).
Then I sent the original photo a second time to Photoshop but from the 2nd album this time and the edit came back stacked in the 2nd album, leaving the stack in the 1st album unmodified.

After this series of steps “All photos” shows 2 stacks for this photo. Awesome!
This opens the door for some powerful workflows.
Thank you!