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Tue, Dec 5, 2017 1:18 AM


Lightroom CC: Compare Photos and Survey Mode

I would love to use Lightroom CC as my cloud based photo library app, but there are a few key features missing. For one, the app needs to have the ability to compare 2 or more photos large scale side by side, similar to the Compare View and Survey View in Lightroom Classic. These view modes are essential when I need to closely compare and choose the best of several similar photos. It's a critical feature necessary when editing and curating a large number of photos down to the very best images. This feature is also missing in Apples Photos app. The first one of these 2 apps - Lightroom CC or Photos - that adds this critical feature will win my support.

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3 years ago

Agree 100% on a compare view. I often have 3-6 photos that are very similar from a portrait shoot, then I use the compare (or survey) mode from classic to decide which one is the best to keep.

I've posted a similar idea here