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Thu, Dec 7, 2017 1:05 AM


Lightroom CC (cloud) better workflow for using external editors

I really like the user interface and sync of the new Lightroom a lot. However, sometimes I want to use external editors for some of my photos like Photolemur and Luminar. And the workflow for using external editors is terrible.

The current workflow:
1. Export photos.
2. Edit in an external editor.
3. Import photos back into Lightroom.
4. Add pick flag to new photos.
5. Add photos to correct albums.
6. Stack the photos with the original photo.
7. Make sure the new photo is the top of the stack.
8. Remove pick flag from original photos (this is required to prevent doubles showing up in shared albums).

I recently did this with 100 photos. Step 1-3 took just over an hour. Step 4-8 took 4 hours.
The end result is a mess and not really what I want.

The workflow I wish we had:
1. Export photos.
2. Edit in an external editor.
3. Import photos back into Lightroom as new versions/layers (lightroom automatically matches the photos up with the original and replaces the originals (original still available through history/layers), metadata is copied from the original to the new one, all flags/ratings are applied to the new one, it is placed in the same albums).

And no, plugins would not be a good enough solution.

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Lightroom Desktop: Please add plugin support for external editors


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