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Fri, Jan 5, 2018 9:45 PM

Lightroom CC: Cannot Add Photos - stuck on preparing...

When looking to import photos for certain directories the Lightroom process hangs and is stuck on the 'Preparing...' stage of the import (click add photos, select directory, click on add 'xxx' photos). It seems that sometimes reopening the software, rebooting the machine or even leaving the computer for a couple for days solves the problem but to be honest it is unclear if this is specific to files, the import batch gets stuck or something like a memory leak. Does anyone else have similar problems? I think that maybe some process is stuck in the background that needs to be cleared in order to import that batch again. Any insight would be appreciated.


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2 years ago


I am having exactly the same problem. Cannot add any photos/videos to Lightroom CC on MacOS.  Any ideas how to solve this?

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a month ago

Same problem, three years later, not resolved.