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Thu, Jun 20, 2019 8:11 AM

Lightroom CC: Are originals placed in right folders and download editing info if locally imported?

My album/folder structure is synced on my iPad Pro, Lightroom CC currently has all local originals stored, and isnt fully synced (approx 600gb) but the space and structure is allocated on Creative Cloud already.

So I chose one of the albums that has 0 images in it on my iPad Pro in Lightroom, and copied over a file that belongs to one of those and imported with Lightroom directly, after connecting to the cloud it uploaded the file and didnt move it to the album, I'm guessing the information where that file belongs to wont be on the Cloud until the image is actually synced from Lightroom CC (desktop)

So what I want to know is this, once Lightroom CC finishes syncing everything to Creative Cloud, if I import my originals to my iPad Pro over a memory card or USB etc and import them into Lightroom, will Lightroom generate the smart previews, remove the originals (if I have that setting on etc), and place those imported files into the album structure they in as they exist on the Cloud and Lightroom CC (desktop) and also download any edits I made? 

The idea being, it would save me having to re-download stuff I already have from the cloud.

Also vice versa: if I have first imported my originals to my iPad Pro from my camera when shooting and sync them to the cloud, will importing them from my memory card to Lightroom CC (desktop) put them into the album structure I made on the iPad Pro and import my edits, saving me having to re-download everything?




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a year ago

You don't have to re-download anything. Any image you add to one of the devices, will sync to all the other devices. Including any edits.

You should also not import images from the memory card of your camera into Lightroom Desktop if you already imported and synced them on the iPad. They will be synced to Lightroom desktop already.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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You're missing the point. Syncing requires the images to be downloaded from creative cloud.

I would like to skip that and import the files locally and sync the structure and edits without having to download the files via sync, saving on data and a lot of time.

As in either on desktop or iPad, I import, I place them into albums, I make adjustments. I sync.

The files are synced to cloud. I then import the files off the camera to the other device. Then I sync and it skips downloading the files and just syncs and downloader the album name and edit/adjustment info without having to download the files off cloud.