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Sun, Dec 9, 2018 3:49 PM


Lightroom CC / Adobe Portfolio enhanced to have client side product fullfillment option and integration with Print Labs.

As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I need the ability to give my clients finished “galleries” that allow them to download or order physical products from 3rd party Print Labs. Now that Lightroom CC can support professional workflows and with the finished photo assests already in the cloud, Adobe is in a great position to enhance the existing portfolio option to meet this need.

Ideally it would work like this:
1. Photos have been edited and are ready to share with client, using the LR CC, I select the photos I would like to share, and publish the gallery to the web using the same Adobe Portoflio shared Album workflow.
2. Adobe would allow client side portal to integrate with print fulfillment vendors so that products could be purchased and / or the photo downloaded.
3. Products offerings and pricing would be managed using a web based portal.

In order to support this feature, it would be expected that the Photographer would allow print vendors to charge a fee on a per photo basis like all other services currently do. It would also be expected that this feature would come at additional monthly fee to the existing Lightroom CC cloud plan.

Main Benefit:
With photos in the cloud, Photographers would have the option of no longer having to go through the pain of uploading all the photos to a separate fulfillment site.


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