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Wed, Apr 11, 2018 9:19 AM



Lightroom CC: Ability to delete multiple user presets lr cc. Or access preset folder.

I can add multiple presets, but there isn't an easy way to delete multiple user presets.


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2 years ago

The new management tools allow for the hiding of groups of presets and profiles. Download Lightroom CC 1.4 and give the new management tools a try!  At this time we are marking this implemented as you now have the ability to manage the presets which appear in your interface in groups. 
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3 years ago

PLEASE please Adobe!  I'm getting lots of requests from people asking how they can mass delete folders of VSCO presets that they imported... only way to do it at the moment is pretty complicated and non-obvious...

(For those looking for answer on  how to mass delete presets from Lightroom CC 1.3, I posted about it here: )

Also, as a preset designer, I want to be able to have a way for an installer to automatically add my presets into the needed folder, but at the moment, there is not a way for me to do this... in fact it appears that everyone's preset folder has a unique UUID of some sort, which makes it nearly impossible for me to reliably do this. Why use such a different architecture from Lightroom CC Classic 7.3?

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3 years ago

I figured it out accidentally today when I clicked a wrong button. I wanted to click "Delete" but I clicked the button "Show in Explorer" a line above.  Here is what you can do to remove the folders.  Right click a preset you want to delete and select "Show In Explorer" in the right click drop down.  Remove the folder you no longer needs in the Explorer.  Close and reopen your Lightroom, your unwanted preset should all be gone.