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Fri, Nov 10, 2017 8:48 AM


Lightroom CC: Ability to add a capture date

I like that Lightroom CC automatically sorts photos by capture date. However, I have almost 700 photos in my library that have no capture date and I can't seem to add a date to those photos. I also have a few scanned photos that have the wrong date attached and I can't modify those dates either. I don't know that it's possible to do that with this version; if not, that's a feature I'd really like to see with the next update.

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3 years ago

You can find several EXIF editors on the market like ExifChanger. The disponibilité of those app depend on the OS you are using. Mainly there are some discrepancy between MasOS and Windows.
That's the best way to do, change the Exif of the picture you choose and make a sync in LR

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3 years ago

It is not possible in LrCC today, but this is a top feature request that we are working on for a future release. 


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3 years ago

I 2nd Kristin. When Lightroom CC added all my photos to the cloud it decided to set a capture date of May 9, 2017 for about 2k of the 17k photos. No idea why it picked that date because in google photos it has those same 2k photos sorted by the right date.

This aside, I then find out I cant change the capture date and slowly begin the process of fixing the date on these 2k photos...super annoying

Please add this feature!!!