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Thu, Nov 29, 2018 10:24 PM

Lightroom CC: A named Person with about 1000 photo shows up as a tag on photos, but not in the People view

A named person with about 1000 matching photos stopped showing up in the People view. Also, the name is not coming up when I start typing a name in text boxes that use intelligent recognition, such as when tagging a new person. The face and name briefly showed in the People view after being initially tagged, but the merging (about six accepted suggestions and one rejected) did not take until I did it a second time. Also, I made several attempts to assign the cover photo as some showed random parts of the photo and not the face. After several attempts to set up the cover photo, the face disappeared completely.

The photos, which were originally tagged with this person, still show the tag when viewed in All Photos.

I wrote a lengthy post with illustrations here  Please refer to it or let me know if I should repost it here in some form. I believe I provided the salient facts above in order to match my problem to a known issue or start researching it.

I would like this to not only be considered as a possible bug to be fixed in future releases, but also for someone to look at my library/index on the back end. The person in question is a famous athlete, and I am a sports photographer, so this has direct impact on by business.   


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