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Fri, May 4, 2018 4:04 AM


Lightroom CC: 49 Gigs of Cloud Space blocked

Good Morning,

I have 49.2 Gigs of Cloud-Space, which are not freed up again.
I played a bit around with Lightroom CC. After learning how to handle the cloud, I wanted to start from the scratch all over again and deleted the Fotos again. 

But the available space indicator shows always, that 49.2 Gigs are in use. 

What I did: Removed all data from my tablet and logged off. Removed all librarys from Lightrom CC Web Version, and logged off, removed all pics from my Lightroom CC Client PC, and logged off. 

Logged in again - 49,2 Gigs still remain. Moved to the CC-Web-Client, there are no files in archive/trash bin.

:-/... How do I get rid of the blocked space?



Official Solution

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3 years ago

Apologies - Lightroom had a problem where our servers were still counting the space from a recently deleted catalog.  This was a one-time issue specific to your account and should not happen again.

Looks like you do have a small amount of storage usage with Creative Cloud files that will show in use.  Can you please verify that all looks correct now?


Adobe Administrator


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3 years ago

Hi Phillip, what does your space allocation look like now? Has it reset to level you'd expect?

Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Digital Imaging