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Thu, Oct 26, 2017 4:49 PM


Lightroom CC 2017: Search words with spaces

According to the LR/CC forum, if I type multiple words in the LR/CC search box they are "anded" (match all).  So the returned images will be those that satisfy all the words.  This fine but we do need the ability to be able to use full boolean logic in supplying search terms (advanced mode?)

But the way it handles spaces is also deficient.  It currently uses a "matches all" sort of logic when multiple words separated by spaces are typed in.  This wrecks havoc when actual keywords contain spaces.  For example if I have  KW "dodge dart"  and I only want images for Dodge Darts if in the search box I type "Dodge Dart"  it will return images that have KW  "Dodge" (not "Dodge Dart") and also have the keyword "Dart" (for some reason),  

In this search terms box should be able to put words in quotes to have them treated together rather than separately.  In my example I'd use:  "Dodge Dart" and it should only return images that have the keyword "dodge dart" and would ignore images satisfying "dodge" and those satisfying "dart".


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