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Wed, Aug 22, 2018 5:55 AM

Lightroom CC 1.5: Update addresses all of issues that were affecting my workflow and is without a doubt the best release

Since LRCC 1.1, I have been finding various bugs that have been significantly affecting my workflow. Update 1.5 finally addresses all of them and is without a doubt the best release of the new LRCC yet based on my current observations. Thank you so much to the dev team for fixing these issues and to the support team for flagging them! Keep up the good work!


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2 years ago

I have a few that haven't been addressed in this one, perhaps it's just my system. I still have bugs with copying and pasting profiles, some work, some don't.
Although very welcome in the Grid view, I'd also like to have seen the filetype badges appearing in Edit mode too.
Otherwise, it's getting there gradually, and a thank you to the support guys too (although it is what we're paying them for! ;-))