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Fri, Jun 28, 2019 11:22 PM


Lightroom: Better sharing options

Throughout my many years of using Lightroom, I have always exported my finished images and then THEN uploaded them to other platforms such as Instagram and Google Photos. A great feature to add would be the ability to post to Instagram and upload images to other services; and not only the ability, but to do it effortlessly. If I could finish an edit, easily access an "upload to Instagram" button, AND be able to write a caption and post the image, all inside of Lightroom, then that would save a ton of time exporting the image to my desktop, transferring it to my phone, and then uploading it from there. I'm sure many people would find this helpful as well.




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2 years ago

Lightroom Classic has for years provided "publish services" that let you upload to various platforms: Instagram, Flickr, Smugmug, Zenfolio, etc. Except for Flickr, you'll need third-party plugins for the various platforms. For example, see

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2 years ago

John is correct.  I use several.  Once you download and install and configure the plugin (for example hooking it to your online account at, say, Flickr or Instagram you "publish" a photo to the site by dragging it to a collection inside the desired Publish Service in the Publish Service Panel.  Then open that collection and click the "Publish" button.  

Within the Publish Service collection(s) it automaticall moves any image you alter in LR to a section called "Modified to Re-publish".  So, you don't even have to keep track of which photos you changed in order to update the web site.  Read up on it and I think you'll be happy.

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2 years ago

But next to that (the very underestimated  Plublish Services) why transfer to your phone?? You can upload them directly from your desktop.