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Mon, May 6, 2019 7:34 AM


Lightroom: Add ability to change video orientation

Hi all,

Sometimes for whatever reason, a camera seems to set the orientation of a video incorrectly in its metadata. I've seen this very occasionally with both the iPhone XS and the Canon 5D Mark IV.

Obviously there's an issue in the original devices which needs to be sorted out - but it would be great if in Lightroom there was the ability to flip the orientation of the video, at least from vertical to horizontal, but ideally at 90° increments like can be done with photos when the device thinks its upside for instance! This is similar to what QuickTime, VLC and other players can do.

Understand Lightroom support for video is minimal, and editing support does not exist - but this should potentially be a playback only option - ideally with the flag stored in Lightroom CC for future playback but not necessarily editing of the metadata in video file itself when its downloaded in future.




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