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Sun, Mar 25, 2018 11:40 AM

lightroom 6 doesn't recognize any catalog

Hi everybody,
I hope you can help me... 

I have lightroom 6 (the dvd version), it used to work perfectly until...yesterday... 

Indeed, since yesterday, lightroom can not recognize any catalog (neither the principal nor the old backup copies),on my DD. At the first opening yesterday, he told me there was a missing file called something like "manager ..." (I don't remember the exact message). 
So I closed lightroom, opened it again, and now it says "erreur inattendue lors de l'ouverture du catalogue. Impossible d'ouvrir le catalogue en raison d'une erreur inattendue". 

If I click on: "select an other catalog", it doesn't want to select my catalog or any other catalog (the button "open" doesn't activate). And if I try to create a new catalog, nothing appends. The button "open" is not activated. 

I uninstalled and reinstalled it twice without success. 

I looked on forums, on the adobe help, but I didn't find any answer to my problem. 

I specify that I am a big user of this software, so I don't think I made any mistakes with the catalog. And I didn't change anything on my computer those last days.

 I have Windows 10. 

I really hope anybody can help me. I payed for this lightroom but now I can not even open it ;-(( 

Many thanks, 

PS : I also had to reinstall photoshop element twince yesterday (there was an other error message, but now it works. Lightroom not. 


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