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Wed, Jan 1, 2020 4:23 PM

Lightroom 3.1 (cloud): Make a selective color image

Hi everyone !
I'm trying during 7 days Lightroom Cloud 3.1, and would like to perform a color selection on one picture (keeping only a red panel on B&W ground). The tutorials sow other versions of Lighroom, and i'm a little bit lost. Anyone could help me ? Thanks a lot.


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a year ago

There are two versions of Lightroom. What is now Lightroom Classic is what used to be called Lightroom, and many of the tutorials that you find are older tutorials and are for the older Lightroom. If you are using the new Lightroom 3.1 which is the cloud version, the feature set is comparatively limited. And the feature you are looking at probably is not available. If you want the full capabilities that have been available in Lightroom for more than a decade then you probably would want to consider Lightroom Classic.