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Tue, Feb 13, 2018 9:25 AM


Lighroom View for Mobile?

Lighroom View for Mobile? I like to give my family members access to my albums which are in the cloud on their mobile device without the chance of ‘modifications’. Is it possible to develop an app which only has the presentermode without any possibilty to make changes to photos in the cloud? A kind of Lightroom cc without all the edit functions? I also looked at Portfolio, but for that you always need internet connection.


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3 years ago

Same for me, plus acces to a dedicated library for my library. Sort of space sharing familly subscription instead of multiple subscription

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3 years ago

yes, I‘ve suggested that already some months ago. Without this Lightroom for the iPad is unusable for me. There is a „Present“ mode but this mode is off by default and there seems to be no way to make this the default.