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Fri, Mar 23, 2018 8:19 AM

Lichtroom CC: Limited scope for growth

I feel that in a very short time I have outgrown Lightroom CC.  Compared to Lightroom Classic I find myself frustrated with the lack of editing options (no brush presets, severely crippled preset options) and the inability to be able to use any third party plugin or editor.

Even Apple photos gives me the ability to neatly stack my raw photos with my images and select whatever editor or plugin I choose to use.  I had high hopes for Lightroom CC but when the only new feature on the horizon is a price hike I find precious little inspiration to keep going with a product that doesn't have a great deal of advanced editing potential & makes it prohibitively difficult to use any other advanced editing frustrated.


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3 years ago

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the input! 

Lightroom CC is not quite 6 months yet and is continually evolving. In time it may have the feature set you need to feel comfortable using it but for now Lightroom Classic looks like your best bet. 

Adobe developed the original version of Lightroom with user feedback. The same thing is happening now with Lightroom CC. Give it time and I think you'll see changes that you will like.

Take care,