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Tue, Nov 20, 2018 11:14 AM

Latest Lightroom CC update wiped out my presets and profiles in the cloud as well as the people Tags

After Adobe Cloud just updated to a newer version of Lightroom CC on my Laptop, I logged in to find all my presets, profiles and people I had stored are now gone.

My Images are still there - I am syncing from Classic to the cloud and not full images.

Any thoughts on why?


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2 years ago


This sounds odd. 

I would like to get some more information from you. You posted this with a Lightroom CC for mobile devices tag and a LIghtroom CC for desktop tag. In your text, you mention Lightroom Classic CC.  That is at least three places where you need to log in. Can you verify by signing out and signing into each client that they are all logged into the same Adobe ID?

Next: go to Classic CC, CC and CC on your mobile device and get me the installed version number on each. 

After that, go to the Lightroom CC for desktop app on your laptop and make sure that syncing is not paused. Let is sit for about 10 minutes and see if you have presets and people. If not, click on the cloud icon and see if you have syncing pending. 
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