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Thu, Jan 11, 2018 2:00 AM


Inadequate CAPTION field in LR CC Mobile

I have a major problem with LR CC Mobile. I have many historical family photos which have a lot of multi-line important information manually added in the CAPTION field, such as names of people, and date and location of the photos. This information shows up well in the multi-line box in Classic, and also shows up in MacOS LR CC by hovering the mouse over the field. However, in LR CC Mobile, only a single line can be shown in the COMMENT field, and attempts to scroll and read only bring up the keyboard. This is extremely dangerous since it becomes very easy to accidentally change or even completely delete the information, which will then sync and destroy forever the information back in LR Classic.

All that is needed is to make the TITLE and COMMENT fields in LR Mobile (and MacOS LR CC), multi-line boxes as they are in LR Classic. All the information could then be seen at a glance while still allowing controlled input of text if required. Provision for the LABEL field would also be very useful.


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