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Sat, Feb 3, 2018 9:32 PM

import from other cloud services

Prior to the advent to Lightroom CC and Adobe's own late entry to the cloud storage market (long after their ironic renaming to "creative cloud"), many of us already looked to alternate providers such as Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. as an online backup solution for our raw images.

It is galling, then, in the extreme, that we should then have to upload all these images afresh if migrating to Adobe cloud storage.  I have to repeat all the time I've spent uploading in the past, and I have to take that in one big hit.  For just over 10,000 images this is a 3 day process on my FAST broadband.  I can well imagine others with a great many more images and a far slower connection who are potentially going to be deadlocked like this for weeks.

To add insult to injury the Lightroom CC app won't even help out here by prioritising the upload of smart previews on new images until this backlog is cleared.  This is a serious problem for those of us looking to be able to quickly share a gallery of recently taken images.

It's therefore essential that we're offered every possible way to speed this migration process, and one of the best possibilities here is to migrate files sideways that are already in the cloud.  The sort of bandwidth available to hosted data centres is far in excess of what you would typically find with home broadband.


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3 years ago

I doubt there would be any development in this area, but you never know (as it makes sense to take the business away from another provider).

When Adobe Revel (Adobe's previous Cloud Storage option - that seemingly formed the basis of LrCC) closed a few years back, we had to download our photos and since the advent of LrCC then had to re-upload them. Okay there was a two year gap (in redevelopment I would assume) but it's a shame an easier transition between their own products wasn't smoother!