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Wed, Dec 20, 2017 1:06 PM

Image being worked on changes due to erroneous mouse scrolls

I have run into a very annoying problem with Lightroom CC that did not occur with Lightroom classic and wanted to provide this feedback to Adobe Engineers.

I work on a Mac with an Apple wireless magic mouse - the very common one - that is set to allow scrolling either horizontally or vertically by lightly moving my finger over the top of my mouse.  So to scroll through images in the strip, I can just lightly move my finger over the mouse and they scroll.

The problem is that if I start editing an image and am in the middle of making adjustments and happen to move my mouse away from the panel and over the image, AND shift my finger on the mouse, I switch to a different image. As a result for me, it makes it impossible to actually work on an image with a mouse because the image is constantly changing.  Note: this does NOT happen when working with a touchpad as I have that configured for 2 finger scrolling and I don't tend to do that by accident.

The way Lightroom Classic gets around this is with the Library vs Development modes. When in library mode scrolling with the mouse will move through the images currently in the strip.  When I go to Development mode to work on an image, I'm focused on it and scrolling doesn't change the image I'm working on.  

The issue was a big one and a contributor to me canceling my subscription. Hope that this is good feedback and helps you improve the product.


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