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Fri, May 17, 2019 5:10 PM

How to create a slide show in Lightroom Desktop

When I purchased lightroom CC I anticipated being able to easily create a slide show. Unfortunately, I don't see slide show creation as an option. Am I missing something? Please help!
Thanks'!   John Porcaro


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2 y ago

You can do slideshows but you can’t save them unless you do something like screen capture



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2 y ago

You're not missing much - you can go into full screen mode (F) and use the right-arrow key to advance, but you can't design a slideshow in the sense that you can in Lightroom Classic or add music, and as @rachalmers writes, you can't save it. If you decide to use full screen mode and want music, you can use iTunes or another media player to play music as you run through  your Lightroom images.