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Fri, Nov 17, 2017 10:51 PM


Filename rename option (and searchable)

I’d like to be able to rename images filename . ( would like this in Mobile iOS version too)
A batch rename is really needed . And maybe rename on import as this is my usual workflow on other programs .
We also need these file names to be searchable in Lightroom , tagging images in metadata is something I’ve never done in 15 years! And neither has any other professional photographers I know .

This is essential for keeping images and folders organised , say by job name , Location , person or visible date .
Eg I normally use client , product / person ,and date then the camera image number , or generated seq.
or for personal work -description/ person, location , date , camera / seq number
which looks like this ..
AB_Accountancy_ Jane_Smith_Nov_2017_0001
Skateboarding_Glasgow_June_17_001 etc.

The searchable filename is essential for workflow.
Often I’ll send a Dropbox or web galleries of all images shot , say 400 shots and then they will select 20 for finalising / retouching.
Usually I’ll just read their email and type the filename seq number into my program (capture one) and it will filter my album to that shot only.
I then flag, 5 star and move to another Folder / album such as finals / selects etc. So I can go to that album / folder and only work on the selected ones .

I hope the developers can start to understand workflow and features as one thing , and from my scenario which is pretty universal to busy photographers .


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3 years ago

Filenames should already be searchable. Merging the rename request into another existing thread to add weight to the request.

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